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Blogging in Handsworth

Posted on 4th November 2010 by

Eevry month I meet up with local residents through a resident network that we started about a year ago. The Hands on Handsworth Resident Network gives local resident led groups a chance to get together to talk about the neighbourhood and how we can all work together.

To help raise the profile of these great groups and highlight the work they are doing in the neighbourhood the network decided that they would like some social media surgeries. I applied for some funding for the group from Urban Living which has allowed us to run a number of social media surgeries.

So far we have had three surgeries and are here again today at King Edward’s Grammer School in Handsworth for the last of social media surgeries run by Nick Booth from Podnosh.

Over the last few weeks many of the existing residents groups have come along and had a go at blogging and using social media tools like the Hands on Handsworth Blog. It has been great for some of the residents who have never even turned a computer on so it has been an interesting journey.

So far here are the sites that have been created:

I really wish them luck with these blogs and encourage them to blog as much as they can about Handsworth…the more we all blog about it the more we raise the profile and allow the rest of the world to see the wonderful spirit of people in Handsworth.

Please have a look at their sites and leave a comment in support!

Uplands Allotment Beams with Pride

Posted on 30th July 2010 by

Last Saturday Cllr Paulette Hamilton and I went along to the Uplands Allotment to present the Pride in Handsworth Award that they won back in May. The Uplands allotment is one of the biggest allotments in Europe. I was blown away with the passion that people have for it and the hours that people spend on their plots. This isn’t just a hobby for some of the allotment holders but a way of life.

Brian featured in the photo below has 3 plots and proudly talked about the three generations of his family that have used the plots, his son now being the youngest.

Cllr Paulette Hamilton & allotment holder Brian

 We were met at the allotment by Dorothy Wallace one of the committee members who gave us a great tour of the site and ensured we left with a big bag each of fresh produce. The allotment has a small shop in the clubhouse which sells produce & seeds on a saturday.

Cllr Hamilton & Dorothy Wallace in the Uplands Shop

Allotments did decline for some years accross the country but there now seems to be a new energy for growing your own produce. For more information about the benefits of allotments visit the FoodVison Website Every plot at the Uplands is taken and covers a vast site in the corner of Handsworth. This interest has spread accross Handsworth where residents have fought for several years to get the Jubliee Allotments open and ready for use. Nick Booths “How they Influence me ” short film highlights  the  residents campaign featuring allotment campaigner Simon Badderley.

Walking round the allotments you meet some quite amazing people all so passionate about their allotment. I was quite amazed at the size of some of the plots and quite envious about the fabulous range of produce…really gets your taste buds going. Barington Osbourne world famous chef is just one of the allotment holders that your likely to bump in to down there. It is a real education I love gardening and cooking but I struggled to know what osme of the crops were all looks alot different in the ground. 

Later on in our tour we met Neville the chair of the Uplands Allotment Commitee who accpeted the Pride in Handsworth award presented by Cllr Paulette Hamilton.

Cllr Hamilton was delighted to present the Uplands with this award and congratulated them on their hard work.

Upland Allotment annual Garden Show  is due to be held on 11th Sept great chance to go along have some food, check out the plants and take in the wonderful vibes.