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Video of street action day in Handsworth in April

Posted on 18th July 2010 by

Short video showing clean up of Mt Pleasant Avenue back in April with Fleet & Waste Management and local residents

Street Action Day Success In Handsworth

Posted on 26th April 2010 by

Last Saturday following concerns raised by local residents and Wilkes Green Residents Association we held a mini street action day. These days are very useful in engaging with local residents to discuss local issues and start to take action.

The photos taken at the start of the day highlight some of the issues that local residents would like changed:

  • Litter
  • Dumped rubbish
  • Street drinking and anti social behaviour

The day was organised by Tracey Thorne, Neighbourhood Manager for Handsworth and supported by West Midlands Police, Fleet & Waste Management and Birmingham Youth Service.

Brendan Duffy from Fleet & Waste Management was able to arrange for his team to come and give the avenue a cleaning blitz. Residents were delighted with how clean it looked after. It was wonderful seeing so many kids and residents getting involved with the litter picking.

West Midlands Police also spent time listening to residents  issues and are committed to helping people feel safer.

A big thank you for all the agencies that came out and made it a success and to local residents for their support

Useful contacts:

Any residents with bulk items should call 0121 303 1112 to arrange free collection.

Residents that are concerned about street drinking should contact Handsworth Wood Neighbourhood Police Team on 0845 113 5000 ext 7812 6555

Street Action Day this Saturday at Mount Pleasant Ave in Handsworth

Posted on 20th April 2010 by

Saturday 24th April 12-3pm

Free bulbs & plants

 Many residents are concerned about the rubbish in Mount Pleasant and want to see the area nicer. This is a chance for you to come out on Saturday the 24th and help us tidy up Mount Pleasant. Free bulbs and plants will be available for you to grow in your garden.

 Kids can join in and help to!

 There will be a number of different services that will attend the event this will give you a chance to talk about how you would like the area improved (Police, youth service, family support, your local environmental warden and neighbourhood manager.

Street Action Day Mt Pleasant 24th April.doc final