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Consultation on Green Spaces in Handsworth

Posted on 15th February 2011 by

Earlier this year Groundwork was successful in gaining funding to deliver a project within Handsworth that aims to empower local residents to improve their local area. The focus has been on four key areas;

  • Oaklands Youth Centre – outdoor space
  • New Inns – communal garden area
  • Centenary Drive
  • Albert Rd to Herbert Rd Alleyways

Over the last few months Stephen Cook from Groundwork has enaged with local residents to work up some intial designs for improvements at these sites. I am attaching the designs below which are just a first attempt and will develop following more conversations with residents.

It is wonderful to start seeing these designs and that residents are shaping  the projects. It would be great to see some of the projects now taken forward to actual improvements on the ground. A big thank you to all have been involved so far particulary Midland Heart, Groundwork, Wilkes Green Resident Association, Beverlie Weston, Lincoln Moses and Oaklands Youth Centre.

Oaklands Design

Design for Alleyway

Centenary Drive – Initial Design

New Inns – Initial Design

If you would like to comment on these designs or get involved contact Stephen Cook  from Groundwork on 0121 430 5500 or my self on 0121 303 3401.

Albert Rd Alleyways

Posted on 19th January 2011 by

Great news work has started today to clean up and put up new fencing in the Albert Rd to Herbert alleyways. This will will take about two weeks.

Notice to residents Re: Albert Rd Alleyways clean up

We have just found out that the Albert Rd project has been selected as one of five Local Government Challenges  that will take place in Birmingham during February. The challenge is a bit like the apprentice where executives split into teams across the country and get involved in local challenges. Watch this space for more information!

Albert Rd alleyways getting a much needed clean up

Posted on 17th December 2010 by

It has taken months of planning but finally  we have now got in place a clean up of the Albert Rd  to Herbert Rd Alleyway. In January work will start to clear all the rubbish on the gardens that run either side as well as the small section that runs behind 3 houses on Herbert Rd.

Then new fencing and gates will be fitted to parts of the area where they have either been removed or need replacing. Hopefully this will help local residents feel a lot safer walking along the alleyway and improve how they look?

I would welcome your thoughts about what else we can do to improve this part of Handsworth?