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Latest edition of Hands on Handsworth Community Magazine

Posted on 25th February 2011 by

Back in September and October we ran a range of workshops to try and encourgae local people to get involved in a new community journalist project. The aim of the project is to take forward the idea to create a community magazine for Handsworth written by local people. Through the neighbourhood management programme, Tracey Thorne created two pilot issues on Hands on Handsworth.

The Community Journalist Project is now being developed and facilitated by Karl Greenwood from Multistory and Brian Homer from Homer Creative. They have been supporting many local people to get involved and start writing some stories.

Down load the first editions which has been mainly written by local people. Congratulations to them for creating an interesting edition…I look forward to reading more.

HOH Issue 3 PDF

If you would like to get involved contact Karl details in the magazine attached. Or if you would like a paper copy collect from Handsworth Community Fire Station or email me your address;

What’s Your Story in Handsworth

Posted on 17th October 2010 by

Last Saturday I went along to the what’s My Story workshop at Handsworth Library arranged as part of series of sessions that we have coming up to help encourage local residents to become community Journalists. This first session was kicked off with an inspirational talk by journalist Derek Bishton who along with Brian Homer started a photography magazine Ten 8 whilst living in Handsworth in the 1980’s.

What was interesting is that many of the issues that Derek spoke of that interested them in producing Ten 8 are still here today. They were keen to ensure that people were able to represent themselves this inspired the Self Portrait edition. Local people were able to take a self portrait of themselves against a deliberate white canvas so as not to link the images in any way to preconceived assumptions people may have about Handsworth or the people photographed.

Derek talked of the importance of media as a powerful tool that people can use to represent themselves. Unlike the challenges that Bishton & Homer had back in the 1970s in producing photographic images and a paper magazine  many people now can simple use their mobile phone and digital media to publish images or stories in seconds.

If you’re interested in getting involved there is an opportunity to learn new skills in community journalism, photography and using social media. The sessions will be run by Brian Homer which is a unique chance to learn from one of the funding members of Ten 8 and use this knowledge to help produce the next edition of the Hands on Handsworth Magazine.

There is an opportunity for this magazine to be developed by local people to become a resource and tool to talk about what matters to the local people of Handsworth. If you’re interested call Tracey Thorne on 0121 303 3401 or email