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Pride in Handsworth Awards: get nominating!

Posted on 19th February 2010 by

Nominations are invited for the forthcoming Pride in Handsworth Awards to be held in May. Who do you think is giving to the neighbourhood, who should we recognise for their achievements?  There are 13 categories to choose from, all below, and the you can download the application for by clicking here.

Closing date for nominations is the 2nd April 2010 at 5pm and I would love to hear from you about people you know in Handsworth.

1. Child of Courage
This award is for a courageous child or young person up to the age of 18. Do you know
of someone who is a shining example, who has overcome adversity, disability or done
something remarkable for someone else?
2. Young Person of the Year
This is for someone under 21 who has either, achieved great things in sport, represented