Education Debate 14th July, Come along and get your VOICE HEARD

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With so many changes taking place in our Education, come along on Monday 14th July, bring your friends and participate. Voice is Power! So use yours to put your questions to some of the city’s top leaders.


For more information email: lisa.carter@birmingham.gov.uk , to book yourself and your group.

See you there 😀

Summer 2014 Exam Advice

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Well as the month of May slowly looms, for many students across Handsworth this can only mean one thing, EXAMS! As a student currently doing my A-Levels I know exactly how much stress and pressure you are all under. So to help you to cope with the exam stress, below I have put some of my revision tips to help you cope (by the way these are in no particular order):

1. Organisation

By this time you must have all your notes organised, make some revision cards, type up your notes or make some revision sheets. Have a look at all your Mark Schemes and the Syllabus for your units as they tell you exactly what you need to learn. All of this will help you to organise all the necessary information you will need for your exam. Remember the time that you put in now, will pay off!

2. Time

Download an APP or take a calender and highlight the dates of your exams. This will allow you to keep focused on your revision and a countdown of the time remaining will put in prospective the urgency. Make sure every day counts!

3. Study Effective not Long

There is no point spending 10 hours studying your strongest subject or the units you already understand, take breaks and study in short bursts the information that you don’t quite know! This will guarantee that on the day of the exam you are prepared for any question that could possibly come up.

4. Practice

Make Past Papers your best friend! It is important that on looking at these papers you recognise key command words ‘describe’ ‘explain’ ‘evaluate’, do you know what they mean? What topics have come up previously? Practice is vital as you can not except to get the top mark on the day, nothing is guaranteed so ensure you are confident in your subject.

5. Motivation

What is your motivation? Is it that university space? That job? Internship? Whatever your motivation is find it and keep it close because times will get hard, and along the way you will need to stay focused and motivated.

6. Distractions

If you can get rid of things that will cause you distractions, this maybe: social media, music, your phone or family members. Whatever it is minimise your use and stay focused on your revision.

7. Reward

Work hard and enjoy your life, you must find that balance. If you have studied for 1hour take a 30 minute break doing something you enjoy. Join the gym or even go for a walk. Your mental wellbeing is vital so ensure you are healthy and happy.

These are just some of my tips, send them to anyone you know who may fins these useful, if you have anymore tips or you would like to talk to me about any points I have raised email me:


I would love to hear from you 😀 Keep the revision up and Good Luck!

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” M.X

So this is your today. Stop making excuses of all the things you did not do yesterday and just do them today!



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A Masterclass in campaigning, lobbying and social activism

When: Monday 24th February, 6.00pm,

Where: City Year, Kind Edward House, 135A News Street, Birmingham, B2 4QJ

Lessons on how to become a catalyst for change from two of Birmingham’s leading activists, Jess Phillips organiser of the ground breaking One Billion Rising campaign and human rights activist Imandeep Kaur.

For more details email info@bleaf.co.uk

BVSC Local Health Priority

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BVSC will be working in partnership with Birmingham City Council District staff, Birmingham Public Health and the Community Sport and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN) to enable the voluntary sector to access the health priorities that have been outlined in the district plan for 2013 for Perry Barr. The meeting will give the sector the opportunity to find out more information about the local health priorities, the current plans for how these are going to be tackled and draw upon the sectors knowledge and experience to explore ideas that will help to meet local health priorities.

Key Birmingham Public Health and district office staff will be present, offering the opportunity to answer any questions around the health priorities and the wider health agenda.

Monday 3rd March, 6:15pm – 8pm (Networking buffet until 8:30pm)

Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, B42 2LR

You can book your place at this event at the following: http://www.bvsc.org/webform/perry-barr-district-public-health-meeting

If you would like more information please contact Louise Bunn at BVSC (louiseb@bvsc.org).

Police blitz streets in day of action

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Birmingham police have led a blitz on hotspots to make locals feel safer.
Officers teamed up with councillors, housing officials and council waste staff to clean up areas of Lozells and East Handsworth’s Leonard Road, Carpenters Road and Wills Street following complaints that graffiti and piles of rubbish were affecting local businesses and bringing the area down.

Over 100 properties were visited as part of the day of action with officers outlining their ongoing work to tackle a seasonal rise in crime and urging homeowners and shopkeepers to play their part by bolstering security and reporting suspicious characters to police.

Sergeant Kin Devi organised the clean-up. She said: “The action day was extremely well received and we listened to what local people felt our policing priorities over the coming weeks should be.

“As part of the day we held a safety session at Lozells Methodist Church for women. Due to its success we plan to hold a similar talk to in the coming weeks.”

Between April and December 2013 1,559 crimes were investigated by officers in the whole of Lozells and East Handsworth compared to 1,515 over the same period the year before. This equates to a rise of 44 offences.

The clean up day took place on Monday 27 January.

For live updates on the work of police in Lozells and East Handsworth @LEH_Police on Twitter.

Photograph (L-R): Midlands Heart housing officerand Sergeant Kin Devi talk to Mrs Tozer who has lived in Handsworth for 50 years


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With 2014 well on it’s way there are funding opportunities for voluntary and community groups in Handsworth or in the Perry Barr District. Does your organisation have big plans and no cash? Would you like to run new activities or develop your services?Is your group running on empty, with support needed to continue your good works? Would you like to attend a free training event?

Come along and find out how your group could access cash of £300 to £10k from Awards for All. BVSC will be hosting the training delivered by Matthew Poole, with additional support available to answer your funding related questions, provide advice and signposting.

At: Wednesday 26th February 2014, 1pm – 4pm, Simpson Building, 79 Trinity Road, Aston, B6 6LS

Book  a place at:  http://www.bvsc.org/webform/awards-all-workshop-perry-barr-district

See you there x

BLF Indian Enterprise Adventure 2014

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In early 2014 BLF will be launching an Indian Enterprise Adventure, for young people, aged 18 to 26, with a passion for enterprise.

If you, or someone you know, are interested, please read on and spread the word!

 This is an opportunity to visit, with all expenses paid, one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and participate in a unique learning experience.  

 If you’re business minded and eager to make a positive difference, then this is for you. 

  •   January 2014 –BLF Bootcamps facilitated by leading enterprise specialists
  •      February 2014 – The Indian adventure begins! Up to 10 days on location, visiting local organisations & applying UK learning.
  •        March 2014 – Debrief and personal support plan.

To register your interest, simply complete our online registration form by Friday 25th October.

Trick or Treat – no thanks

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HALLOWEEN is nearly here and West Midlands Police is asking the region’s youngsters to think about their actions and show consideration for the vulnerable and elderly.

Police are providing elderly and vulnerable residents with ‘no trick or treat cards’ which respectfully request that trick or treaters do not knock at your door during Halloween.

The luminous cards can be displayed on front windows and doors, to advise trick or treaters that they are not welcome to knock the door. Layout 1

Officers are also speaking with young people at schools across the region to remind them that while Halloween is a time to have fun with their friends, there is also a more serious message.

Some residents, particularly the elderly, may feel intimidated by young people knocking on their door at night or playing tricks when it is dark and they are home alone.

Calling Women in Handsworth – You are Invited to Join “The IN Thing”

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Women in the Handsworth area are being urged to put a new slant on the saying ‘charity begins at home’ by joining “The IN Thing” this autumn.

Cancer Research UK is launching an exciting fundraising campaign, known as The IN Thing, and is urging women in the area to sign up for their free pary pack as soon as possible. The IN Thing asks women to rally their girlfriends together for a fun night in and to donate the money they would have spent on a  night out to life-saving research.

Think about the different things that you could do like  spending a night in watching your favourite movie, having a clothes swap, singing karaoke, dancing the night away or just having a catch up with the girls!

The In Thing is launching now to give hosts time to register for their free party packs, invite friends and get ready to host your get together to host the gathering in November.

To join in The IN thing and sign up for a party pack visit www.theinthing.org.uk 


Police Community Meeting

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Come along to the East Handsworth Police Community Meeting, 
at Golden Croft Handsworth, on Saturday July 6th 
2013 at 18:00pm. Bring any concerns or issues you 
would like to raise with your local Police Officers.
This is a great opportunity to offer any suggestions 
to make this community safer! 
So don't forget.