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Summer 2014 Exam Advice

Posted on 7th April 2014 by

Well as the month of May slowly looms, for many students across Handsworth this can only mean one thing, EXAMS! As a student currently doing my A-Levels I know exactly how much stress and pressure you are all under. So to help you to cope with the exam stress, below I have put some of my revision tips to help you cope (by the way these are in no particular order):

1. Organisation

By this time you must have all your notes organised, make some revision cards, type up your notes or make some revision sheets. Have a look at all your Mark Schemes and the Syllabus for your units as they tell you exactly what you need to learn. All of this will help you to organise all the necessary information you will need for your exam. Remember the time that you put in now, will pay off!

2. Time

Download an APP or take a calender and highlight the dates of your exams. This will allow you to keep focused on your revision and a countdown of the time remaining will put in prospective the urgency. Make sure every day counts!

3. Study Effective not Long

There is no point spending 10 hours studying your strongest subject or the units you already understand, take breaks and study in short bursts the information that you don’t quite know! This will guarantee that on the day of the exam you are prepared for any question that could possibly come up.

4. Practice

Make Past Papers your best friend! It is important that on looking at these papers you recognise key command words ‘describe’ ‘explain’ ‘evaluate’, do you know what they mean? What topics have come up previously? Practice is vital as you can not except to get the top mark on the day, nothing is guaranteed so ensure you are confident in your subject.

5. Motivation

What is your motivation? Is it that university space? That job? Internship? Whatever your motivation is find it and keep it close because times will get hard, and along the way you will need to stay focused and motivated.

6. Distractions

If you can get rid of things that will cause you distractions, this maybe: social media, music, your phone or family members. Whatever it is minimise your use and stay focused on your revision.

7. Reward

Work hard and enjoy your life, you must find that balance. If you have studied for 1hour take a 30 minute break doing something you enjoy. Join the gym or even go for a walk. Your mental wellbeing is vital so ensure you are healthy and happy.

These are just some of my tips, send them to anyone you know who may fins these useful, if you have anymore tips or you would like to talk to me about any points I have raised email me:

I would love to hear from you 😀 Keep the revision up and Good Luck!

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” M.X

So this is your today. Stop making excuses of all the things you did not do yesterday and just do them today!


HolyHead New Sixth Form Block opening

Posted on 22nd September 2013 by

Holyhead School in Handsworth, celebrated in style as the 11-19 Academy formally opened its brand new sixth form block.

Holyhead Sixth Form Opening

The official ceremony was performed by Birmingham city councillor Sybil Spence, a long-time supporter of the school, who cut the ribbon at the Milestone Lane site.

The new sixth form block cost around £1.5 million and was completed in July, having taken six months to build. The opening ceremony was held in the company of distinguished guests, governors, staff, parents and students.They were entertained by dancers and the school’s jazz band, which achieved fame after being invited to play at the Johan Sebastian Bach Musikschule in Vienna, Austria, in April.

The assembled visitors then listened to speeches from former Holyhead students, all of whom sang the praises of the school and the opportunities it had given them to thrive post-16.Holyhead principal Martin Bayliss said: “We began to deliver post-16 education onsite in 2008 with just 13 pioneering students.
This year sees around 200 sixth formers on roll. No wonder the school is a popular choice for 16-year-olds!”He added: “This year’s A level results were outstanding with 100 per cent pass rate. Students applying to university from the school all gained places, with many about to attend Russell Group establishments – the top universities in the UK.”The Sixth Form Open Evening for students wishing to join in September 2014 will take place in the new block on Thursday 17 October from 6pm. The new Sixth Form prospectus is now available at .