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Police officers hail successful day of action in Handsworth

Posted on 14th August 2013 by

Handsworth Police

DAY of action carried out yesterday (13 August) by police officers tackling issues identified by the community of Handsworth has seen seven people arrested

The day began with three drugs warrants in Newcombe Road, College Road and Herbert Road where drugs and paraphernalia were seized and recovered.

Fines warrants in partnership with Her Majesty’s Court Tribunal Service (HMCTS) were next on the agenda with more than 40 premises visited leading to the arrest of seven people who were taken directly to Magistrates Court.

Four on-the-spot payments were also made leading to the recovery of over £3,000 of outstanding payments.

The afternoon was devoted to speedwatch where officers, working with members of the community, stopped 18 vehicles on the Walsall Road and Queslett Road, which resulted in six speeding tickets and 12 warnings issued.

As a persistent problem in the area, anti-social behaviour patrols were carried out throughout the day at identified hot spot locations.

Various licensed premises were also visited by officers, checked and given advice when selling alcohol, to ensure that underage drinkers were not served.

Inspector David Keen who organised the day of action said: “The day has proved to be a success, bringing perpetrators in the area to justice and making sure that the people in Handsworth continue to enjoy to live here in safety.

“Whilst we are doing these activities on a daily basis, we really wanted to show the community some of the activity that we carry out to tackle local concerns and I think that this action-packed day has done this.”

For further information on the day’s activities, please visit our social media pages on

We Need You!

Posted on 15th April 2013 by

Are you interested in getting involved in your local neighbourhood? Then come along to the Hands on Handsworth resident network, our goal is to make Handsworth cleaner and greener. The meetings provide a good way to find out what is happening in the neighbourhood and meet other active citizens. 

Meetings are held monthly (except August) at Handsworth Community Fire Station, Rookery Road and start at 7.00 p.m. The remaining dates for 2013 are:

  • Wednesday 8th May 2013
  • Wednesday 12th June 2013
  • Wednesday 10th July 2013 (AGM) 2013
  • Wednesday 11th September 2013
  • Wednesday 9th October 2013
  • Wednesday 13th Movember 2013
  • Wednesday 11th December 2013

All residents are welcome. Come along and have your say!

For more information contact Hands on Handsworth Residents Network on:

Selwyn Clarke, Chair 07860546170 


New Alcohol Restriction Area in Handsworth Wood

Posted on 30th January 2013 by

With the New Year comes new powers to help police reduce problems with street drinking in Birmingham. Large parts of the city are now classed as alcohol – restricted areas (ARAs), meaning that drinking alcohol in public areas could now be classed as a criminal offence. Handsworth Wood is one of the wards covered by the new order. 

A unanimous vote by police and Birmingham City Council’s licensing committee voted in favour of the new powers. Inspector Karen Geddes, responsible for policing across the Perry Barr constituency said : “It will now be an offence for any person to fail to comply with an officer’s request to stop drinking when in Handsworth Wood. This order is in place to ensure Handsworth remains a safe place for people to live and go about their business without being affected by alcohol – fuelled crime and anti-social beahviour. Issues such as people hanging around drinking  in shop doorways or in open areas can cause real upset for communities not to mention having a damaging impact upon businesses.”

If someone, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with the officer’s request they are committing an offence and further action can be taken including issuing a penalty notice for disorder, or arrest and prosecution with a maximum fine of £500.

Councillor Barbara Dring, Chair of Birmingham’s Licensing and Public Protection Committee said: ” Local authorities have the power to deisgnate areas as alcohol – restricted zones to enable the police to take action against those who are, through their drinking, causing a public nuisance or likely to do so.”

Birmingham City Council will be displaying signs to raise awareness of the alcohol restricted areas.

Disorder on Hunters Road

Posted on 10th December 2012 by

On Sunday 9th December 2012 at 2030hrs police were called to reports of disorder on Hunters Road Lozells, near to the junction with Wretham Road.

Police need YOUR help, so if you saw anything or you know someone who knows something. The only we can STOP these disorders is by reporting them! This is a serious matter, please dont waste any time.


Baker Street Car Park Gets A Makeover

Posted on 21st November 2012 by

For sometime Baker Street Car Park has been a blot on the landscape suffering from high levels of litter, fly – tipping and evidence of drug taking. Birmingham City Council has taken action and has given the Car Park a makeover with an estimated 3 – 4 tons of waste being collected.  

The tidy up took a mamouth 5 days  and was completed by Community Partnership Enterprise, a social enterprise that works closely with West Midlands Probabtion Trust.  

Measures are being put in place to make sure that the Car Park is kept clean and tidy. Also, Birmingham City Council will be working closely with the Police to tackle any criminal or anti – social behaviour taking place in the car park.

Here are before and after photos:


Lozells & East Handsworth Ward Gives A Warm Welcome to New Police Sergeant

Posted on 20th November 2012 by

Police in Lozells & East Handsworth have welcomed a new sergeant to the team as the hard work continues to fight crime. Sergeant Kin Devi is now responsible for policing across Lozells & East Handsworth, and will be working with partner agencies and community members to tackle local concerns. Kin has moved to Birmingham from nearby Sandwell where she spent several years in a similar role.

Late night patrols to deter both burglary and anti-social behaviour have stepped up following Kin’s arrival and her team will also be working to reduce drug related crime in the area. Outgoing Sergeant Lucy Bird will continue to support the team and Perry Barr constituency until January when she move onto another role.

Sergeant Devi said: ” I am delighted to be the new police sergeant for Lozells & East Handsworth and look forward to continuing the great work started by Sergeant Bird. Lozells & East Handsworth has a vibrant community and I look forward to working alongside local people to tackle the things that matter most to them. I am fully committed to the principles of neighbourhood policing and want to ensure that people living, visiting or working in Lozells and East Handsworth can do so in a safe and enjoyable environment.”

If you need to speak with a member of the Lozells and East Handsworth neighbourhood policing team please call the non – emergency telephone number 101.

You can also stay up to date with the latest news and events across the area by following @brumpolice on twitter at<>

Vehicle Crime Safety

Posted on 2nd November 2012 by

Residents of Handsworth, there has been 5 vehicle offences, mainly vehicles getting broken into due to items left on display, for example electrical items and car cd players.

Please ensure you remove all valuables from display and take off faceplates from your cd players. Hotspot areas include – Whateley Road, Montague Road, Mostyn Road and Holly Road. So please take care and ensure your vehicle is safe!

As you may also know that it is getting very dark quick, here is a small list of things you can do to be more safe:

  •  Leave a light on when your out
  •  Ensure all doors and windows are locked
  • Activate an alarm or Install one
  • Fit motion sensor lights
  • Monitor your children whilst playing outside
  • Ensure when you are walking home that you pay full attention to what is happening all around you


Handsworth Bulky Waste Collection

Posted on 2nd November 2012 by

One of the BIGGEST problem Handsworth faces, is the rubbish and litter in the community. I think if we all play our part by doing even the smallest things  to keep our commnity clean (e.g making use of all the Bins), that will result in a welcoming and pleasent image of our Handsworth.

If you have any damaged or unwanted : Fridges, TV, Radiators, Baths, Gates, Washing Machines, Other Furniture or OR items that are TOO BIG to fit in your black bins!

Call: 0121 450 7824

3 Items are FREE, log on to find out more; about more than 3 items.  Always ensure when you make a collection request, that you specify ALL the items that you WANT collected; because any items that are not listed will not be collected!

On Monday 12th November 2012, the service will change to a Monday – Friday service.

Click, to find out the other waste products that are collected.

Register With A Doctor At Saini & Saini Health Centre

Posted on 13th October 2012 by
I received this from a Local Doctor and thought I would share this with  you:
IF you need a Doctor? If you want a Health Centre just on your doorstep? If you want to register with a Male GP or a Female GP?
As you may know it is fast approaching to winter, I don’t know about you but I am usually down with a cold or a flu! Well you don’t have to worry this winter, at Saini & Saini Health Centre you can make use of the daily morning walk in clinics ; where you can get a Flu injection. Or, if you have any other medical attention then you can benefit from the wide range of top NHS and private services offered. Why go anywhere else, when Saini & Saini Health Centre is right on your doorstep.
Don’t forget to come down to Saini & Saini Health Centre and register with a Female GP or a Male GP it is very easy and quick!
Saini & Saini Health Centre

Soho Health Centre, 247-251 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, West Midlands, B21 9RY Tel: (0121) 465 4660

People of Handsworth, Let’s make our Health our priority today, why waste anymore time!

Love Where You Live

Posted on 4th September 2012 by

Together we can make a difference - Madonna, Birmingham

I love the ‘Love Where You Live‘ campaign, “Love Where You Live is a new campaign that aims to inspire, encourage and enable us to make where we live, work and play the kind of place we really want it to be”.

It makes us as local people proud to have such a diverse community. The feeling of being part of a campaign  that looks at promoting ways to keep our community clean is one which we should all do our bit to promote.

Some of the events that have taken place just outside your doorstep, include: