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Police keep youngsters safe with youth centre Spring-clean

Posted on 18th April 2014 by
Police have pulled the community together using a project to breathe new life into an ageing Handsworth youth club.
Residents, councillors, students and local businesses, joined West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, Bob Jones and his deputy Yvonne Mosquito as well as detectives from Gangs Taskforce and the Handsworth Wood neighbourhood team to transform the Oaklands Centre.
Dozens came together this week (Monday 14 April) to redecorate the main areas of the centre and installed play equipment, including a pool table and games.
The centre-revamp ensured a welcoming environment for kids in the community to enjoy and keep them safe.
Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones said: “Yvonne and I were delighted to be present and meet everybody involved in this project.  It is very inspiring to see what can happen when people come together to create something from which everybody will enjoy the benefits.  I am sure this centre will become a place in which young people will enjoy themselves and this will help to strengthen good relationships in the community.”
Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito said:  “This project has clearly strengthened the relationships between young and older people in the area and things can only get better as a result of this.”

Police Community Meeting

Posted on 29th June 2013 by
Come along to the East Handsworth Police Community Meeting, 
at Golden Croft Handsworth, on Saturday July 6th 
2013 at 18:00pm. Bring any concerns or issues you 
would like to raise with your local Police Officers.
This is a great opportunity to offer any suggestions 
to make this community safer! 
So don't forget.

Handsworth Bulky Waste Collection

Posted on 2nd November 2012 by

One of the BIGGEST problem Handsworth faces, is the rubbish and litter in the community. I think if we all play our part by doing even the smallest things  to keep our commnity clean (e.g making use of all the Bins), that will result in a welcoming and pleasent image of our Handsworth.

If you have any damaged or unwanted : Fridges, TV, Radiators, Baths, Gates, Washing Machines, Other Furniture or OR items that are TOO BIG to fit in your black bins!

Call: 0121 450 7824

3 Items are FREE, log on to find out more; about more than 3 items.  Always ensure when you make a collection request, that you specify ALL the items that you WANT collected; because any items that are not listed will not be collected!

On Monday 12th November 2012, the service will change to a Monday – Friday service.

Click, to find out the other waste products that are collected.

Neighbourhood Plan for Handsworth Prioirty Neighbourhood

Posted on 9th August 2010 by

I was appointed as neighbourhood manager in September to co-ordinate delivery of neighbourhood management in Handsworth up until 31st March 2011.  Handsworth as benefited from having a neighbourhood manager as part of Birmingham City Council’s first pilot for the citywide neighbourhood programme.

 What this means is that in priority neighbourhoods there is a dedicated resource through a neighbourhood manager whose job it is to focus work on improving key issues that impact on the lives of local residents e.g. environmental issues.

 It is a fantastic opportunity to work with local residents and service providers to try and find some local solutions to local problems. As part of this work since September I have been out and about around Handsworth talking to local residents and services to map out a neighbourhood plan.

 The plan has been produced to set out how, through neighbourhood management, we aim to improve the quality of life of residents in Handsworth up to the March 2011 and sets out a vision for more sustained change. Engagement and feedback from local residents is really important to this process to ensure that  we achieve some real improvements.  

 This plan is based on what local residents and service providers have told us are the important issues in Handsworth.  Part two of the plan sets out a  programme of activities to be delivered by a range of identified partners.  The programme of activities will be reviewed and updated regularly, with the support and involvement of residents and service providers.

Feedback and thoughts about this plan, local issues and progress in Handsworth is welcome this can be done by attending one of the Resident Network meetings held each  month or by contacting me on 303 3401 or email

Handsworth Neighbourhood Plan Part 1 2009-2011

Handsworth Neighbourhood Plan Part 2

Map of Handsworth Priority Neighbourhood

Posted on 16th March 2010 by