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Next edition of the Hands on Handsworth magazine out in August

Posted on 2nd August 2011 by

The Carnival is returning to Handsworth this August and the anticipation and excitement from local residents in the build up to the big event is now at boiling point . The next edition of the Hands on Handsworth magazine features a great story on the Carnival with Professor Black, a carnival costume designer, giving a real sense of what this momentous occasion means to the community and to get a brief insight behind the scenes; highlighting the hard work and dedication needed to bring the Carnival alive. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

We also sent journalists and photographers along to the Simmer Down Festival in July and the summer edition of the magazine includes a great feature on this.

The magazine also showcases some of the wealth of creative talent the area has to offer with articles on Willard Wigan and other artists from the area.

Hands on Handsworth also ran a blogging session for the journalists in July so the blog should start to come together soon.

The magazine will be out in early August and you can pick one up from many different venues in Handsworth including Handsworth Library, fast food places, hairdressers and the Community Fire Station.

The journalists (all volunteers remember!) have been working exceptionally hard bringing the stories and images together for this edition so a big thank you goes out to all those that have contributed to the magazine. Remember, we are always looking for local stories so get in touch if you have any.

Enjoy the Carnival!



Latest edition of the Hands on Handsworth Magazine is out now

Posted on 17th May 2011 by

The latest edition of the hands on Handsworth magazine written by a team of local community journalist is out now

You can down load a copy here

Hands on Handsworth Community Magazine Issue 4

You can also get a copy from Handsworth Library or other outlets accross Handsworth

Hands on Handsworth April Edition in Design Stage

Posted on 21st April 2011 by

This week the team have been working hard editing the stories, getting pictures together and designing the April edition of the Hands on Handsworth magazine. Two of the journalists, Alex Clarke and Michael Deacon have been working tirelessly on the design and have done an amazing job in designing the magazine with the help of Brian Homer at his office in Birmingham. We hope to get it finished today and get it sent to print next week so we have it ready for the end of April.

If you are interested in sending us stories or if you would like to get involved in the project please contact Karl Greenwood on 0121 533 7195 or email karlgreenwood@multistory.org.uk

Hands on Handsworth Community Journalism update

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The community journalism project  is going from strength to strength as we now have a core team of talented and knowledgable journalists to generate content for both the magazine and the blog. I know we’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging but I and the team will be uploading a lot more content over the next couple of months. Tracey Thorne left her post last month and we all wish her well in her new role although she will still be part of the steering group  and play an integral role in the project. Tracey has been instrumental in getting this off the ground so we want to do her and the project proud by continuing her good work.

City College have kindly donated a temporary office space for the journalists to use as a place to research, carry out tasks and write and develop stories and ideas for the magazine. I would like to thank Anthony Gribben, Carole Douglas and the rest of the staff at City College for helping us set up the office which can now be used by the journalists. We are getting a phone line and internet connection this week. Very exciting!

There are still lots of things to do and things that are needed for the project such as new computers but we will take it step by step and with the support of local people and organisations we can only improve and look for ways to continue the project after August 2011.

We are starting to design the next edition of the magazine over the next couple of weeks so keep a look out for the April edition. We are still looking for contributors, photgraphers, designers, and anyone who wants to take part to help find the best and most interesting stories in Handsworth. It doesn’t matter if your literacy skills are not that great, as we just need characters with good ideas and imagination to find stories and make Hands on Handsworth a magazine everyone wants to get their hands on.

If you would like to be a part of the team, have ideas for stories or would like further information then please contact Karl Greenwood at karlgreenwood@multistory,org.uk

Community Journalists Make Progress

Posted on 18th March 2011 by

The community journalist group that wrote and produced the third issue of Hands On Handsworth magazine had their first meeting in their new office on March 17th.

The office has been provided by City College as part of their support for the group and is in the old Handsworth Town Hall building above the Library and accessed through the College Reception.

The group is busy on producing the next issue of the magazine and making plans to sustain the magazine and this blog following the closure of the Neighbourhood Office.

Big thanks are due to Tracey Thorne for getting it all going and we wish her well for the future. We are hoping that she will be keeping in touch with the group.

If you are interested in contributing to the magazine or the blog or have a story that needs following up please contact Karl Greenwood on 0121 525 6861. (after March 31st 0121 533 7192) or Brian Homer on 0121 551 5544.

One Road Many Gods

Posted on 28th February 2011 by

We have just published in the latest Hands on Handsworth Magazine a feature on Photographer Liz Hingley. The Guardian last Saturday 26th Feb also ran a much longer story about faith along the Soho Rd and printed one of Liz Hingley’s photos

Latest edition of Hands on Handsworth Community Magazine

Posted on 25th February 2011 by

Back in September and October we ran a range of workshops to try and encourgae local people to get involved in a new community journalist project. The aim of the project is to take forward the idea to create a community magazine for Handsworth written by local people. Through the neighbourhood management programme, Tracey Thorne created two pilot issues on Hands on Handsworth.

The Community Journalist Project is now being developed and facilitated by Karl Greenwood from Multistory and Brian Homer from Homer Creative. They have been supporting many local people to get involved and start writing some stories.

Down load the first editions which has been mainly written by local people. Congratulations to them for creating an interesting edition…I look forward to reading more.

HOH Issue 3 PDF

If you would like to get involved contact Karl details in the magazine attached. Or if you would like a paper copy collect from Handsworth Community Fire Station or email me your address; tracey.thorne@blueyonder.co.uk

Community Journalists wanted for Hands on Handsworth Community Magazine

Posted on 3rd August 2010 by

In may the first edition of the Hands on Handsworth Magazine was published. I got lots of postive feedback about the magazine and residents continue to be interested in getting a regular local publication with news and stories about Handsworth.

I am interesting in getting ideas for this next edition and welcome contributions of stories & photos from the community. If you’re interested please drop  me an email (tracey.thorne@birmingham.gov.uk) or cal me on 0121 303 3401.

Are you interested in being a community journalist or photographer? Or would you like to be part of an editorial team?

The next edition will be published in September

Hands on Handsworth Magazine