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Healthy Villages meeeting in Handsworth – July 22nd 2014

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This from Sandwell and West Birmingham Clinicla Commissioning Group via BVSC…

Sandwell Clinical Commissioning Group (SWB CCG) (buys and monitors) healthcare services on behalf of everyone living in the area.  Every GP in Sandwell and West Birmingham is a member of the CCG.  Your thoughts and experience of local healthcare services are important as they can help us commission only the highest quality care that meets the needs of the population that you serve.

The purpose of this meeting will be to meet with stakeholders within the surrounding areas of Handsworth Wood Medical Practice to create a village life around this practice and how we can work together

The Healthy Villages Team would want to understand some of the concerns within your organisation and the concerns of the population that you serve.  We would want to address some key themes, understand some of the barriers and develop some solutions on a local level with your input.

Are you interested in being part of this exciting project for your population if so, please let me know if you would like to attend this meeting by dropping me a line on or by telephoning me on 0121 612 2829, further details of the event will follow.

The meeting is taking place on Tuesday 22nd July 2014 at (venue TBC), 11.00am-3.00pm.

Handsworth Heritage Priorities

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Museum Collections Centre - 25 Dollman Street - warehouse - Fish & Chip Fryer - sign


There’s an interesting piece on the Handsworth Wood blog about a discussion on priorities for heritage in Handsworth.  They are summarised as:

Heritage register – undertake a ward wide audit to identify and record the arts, cultural and heritage assets of West Handsworth and the Handsworth Wood Ward overall.

Arts & culture – CDT to work with existing arts & cultural producers in the Ward in order to showcase their work, and build the Ward’s profile as a major centre for creative industries in Birmingham (using a variety of community, on-line, discursive and inter-generational learning methods).

Heritage – CDT to bring together relevant partners to make the most of the Ward’s heritage (e.g. the history of Camp Lane and the gun emplacements on Manwood Hill, the old Council House on Slack Lane, the Sandwell Valley Country Park)

More here.

CDT is the Lozells, Birchfield and Handsworth Community Trust Ltd – we mention the launch of this earlier this year.

We’re not updating this website at the moment

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Updated 13th November 2012: this website is now being run by Yvonne Wager and Catherine Munyarari. If you would like to contribute to the website, please contact Yvonne or Catherine.

Please note that this website is not currently being updated.

The website started in December 2009 and was run Tracey Thorne, then Neighbourhood Manager for Handsworth, until early 2011. Tracey learnt about blogging and developing the site with us at a social media surgery in Lozells. She did great work on this site (writing 114 posts over 18 months) sharing information, posting local events, asking questions, highlighting community projects and showing what life is really like in the Handsworth neighbourhood.

In April 2011, Multistory added some information as part of the Hands on Handsworth community journalism project.

Do you have lots to say about life, activities, events and issues about Handsworth? Do you want to manage this Birmingham based hyperlocal website?

If you are interested, please contact me (Nick Booth):

Email hello [at] or telephone the Podnosh office on 0121 224 7400.

A day in the life of a local Police Officer…

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Written by Paul Hadley – a student at Birmingham City University and first published on his blog.

It’s not very often you get offered the chance to spend the day with your local Police officers, so when the chance came along, I grabbed it with both hands.

The aim of the day was to collect photographs to tell their own story, and try to show how the work that local Police officers do, as part of their daily routine, has a direct impact on the local Handsworth community, addressing the areas of concern to many residents, and of course, keeping updated on developments on a local level by simply listening and talking to people on the streets. (more…)

Introducing two local characters

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January East Handsworth Police Surgery: 12pm, 20th Jan 2010

Posted on 18th January 2010 by

If you want to talk to the local police about any issue there’s an opportunity to drop in on their community surgery:  Dates are Wednesday 20 January 2010  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm and the address is

You should find a map below and for more information on community policing in East Handsworth please visit this site.