“Young  people in our city, hold the keys to Birmingham’s future!”  As a young Handsworth resident, I work alongside 8 other passionate young people, as a member of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP) representing Ladywood and Perry Barr.  Youth members of the UKYP in Birmingham represent young people from a range of different backgrounds but together we make one team and work to improve our city. We are a small team of young people but we all share the same visions and goals, which is to make our communties better for all the future leaders of our city – young people.

Bimringham UKYP

The UKYP is the largest democatic youth led organisation run by young people for young people! Just last year we had over 250,000 young people take part in the largest youth ballot votes in the UKYP Make Your Mark Ballot papers, these are very important as they decide the caimpaign that is debated by young people in the House of Commons on the 15th of November – this has now been launched.

Five topics form a shortlist of 15 will be debated by elected MYPs in the chamber, chaired by The Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons.

UKYP will again be working in partnership with Parliament Week and BBC 3’s Free Speech programme to promote the topics to schools and the public.

This is the 2012 UKYP debate in the House of Commons, watch and really understand the magnitude of our work.

To show you just how powerful the voice of youth is, just listen to a passionate UKYP member on the 2012 House of Commons debate.

In order for me to help represent young people, I need to reach out to as many young people in OUR area. But I can not do it alone, so I am asking  for your support! The deadline is October 12th 2013. If you feel inspired to get in touch 😀

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