Community Journalists Make Progress

The community journalist group that wrote and produced the third issue of Hands On Handsworth magazine had their first meeting in their new office on March 17th.

The office has been provided by City College as part of their support for the group and is in the old Handsworth Town Hall building above the Library and accessed through the College Reception.

The group is busy on producing the next issue of the magazine and making plans to sustain the magazine and this blog following the closure of the Neighbourhood Office.

Big thanks are due to Tracey Thorne for getting it all going and we wish her well for the future. We are hoping that she will be keeping in touch with the group.

If you are interested in contributing to the magazine or the blog or have a story that needs following up please contact Karl Greenwood on 0121 525 6861. (after March 31st 0121 533 7192) or Brian Homer on 0121 551 5544.

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