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Albert Rd alleyways getting a much needed clean up

Posted by Tracey Thorne on 17th December 2010

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It has taken months of planning but finally  we have now got in place a clean up of the Albert Rd  to Herbert Rd Alleyway. In January work will start to clear all the rubbish on the gardens that run either side as well as the small section that runs behind 3 houses on Herbert Rd.

Then new fencing and gates will be fitted to parts of the area where they have either been removed or need replacing. Hopefully this will help local residents feel a lot safer walking along the alleyway and improve how they look?

I would welcome your thoughts about what else we can do to improve this part of Handsworth?

3 Responses to “Albert Rd alleyways getting a much needed clean up”

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  3. […] have just popped down to the albert rd alleyway to have a look at the completed clearence and new fencing for a project that I have been working on […]

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