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Sense of Place 2: Graduate Placement Digital Academy

Posted by Tracey Thorne on 3rd June 2010

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Great graudate oppportunity as part of the Sense of Place 2 Project.

Funded by Urban Living, Digital Native Academy, in partnership with Nabeel Hamdi and the Centre for Urban Design Outreach and Skills at Birmingham City University, is delivering a training programme to explore opportunities for the co-production of urban services and programmes for the regeneration and management of place.  Promoting active citizen engagement in the delivery and management of programmes and projects through partnerships between civil society groups, government authorities and private sector enterprises will reduce dependency on public institutions and improve efficiency. 

It will increase the assets of community (social, human resource, financial etc) in ways in which will help build and sustain livelihoods – a key objective to all regeneration programmes.

For full details of this opportunity visit the RegenWM site

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