Urban Living community cohesion Funding opportunities

Urban Living Funding is available to fund project-based community cohesion activity in 2010/11. The programme is mainly aimed at the third sector (community and voluntary organisations) but proposals are welcomed from the two local authorities and other statutory agencies and public bodies where they meet the objectives of the programme. Examples of the partners we hope to work with are the neighbourhood managers in both local authorities. 

The objective of the community cohesion grant is to give mainly local voluntary and community organisations the support to make a difference in their area.

 Third sector groups seeking grant funding up to £10,000 can apply for support from our community cohesion chest. This is administered on our behalf by Birmingham Community Foundation. Please apply via: www.bhamfoundation.co.uk

 The deadline for applications is 7th May 2010.mashkura_begum@sandwell.gov.uk The deadline for applications is 30 April 2010.Third sector and public bodies seeking funding above £10,000 should apply directly to Urban Living. Please apply via:


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