Lozells & East Handsworth Ward Commitee

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 A Meeting of the Lozells and East Handsworth Ward Committee

 will be held at 1930 hours on

 Wednesday, 17 March, 2010


Finch Road Primary Care Centre, 2 Finch Road, Birmingham, B19 1HS

Members of the public are invited   

The agenda will be available for inspection on request at the Central Handsworth and Birchfield Libraries, Handsworth Neighbourhood Office and the Council House within 5 days prior to the meeting.  The full set of papers can be viewed also on the City Council’s website at: www.birmingham.gov.uk under “City Governance”.

                        Correspondence to:-

 Louisa Nisbett, Legal and Democratic Services, Committee Manager,

Tamebridge House, Aldridge Road, Birmingham B42 2TZ

E-mail: louisa_nisbett@birmingham.gov.uk

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