INHABIT Empty Shop Project on Grove Lane

Many people will no the Harriet Tubman Bookshop on Grove Lane which has been closed for sometime. I was approached several weeks ago by Hybird who are running a project across the city centres to open up empty shops to encoarge people to use these spaces and run arts activties from them. I am really glad to see that the team have been able to take forward getting an empty shop open for the INHABIT Project here in Handsworth and look forward to visiting. The team are keen to here from people that may wish to get involved and use the space see information below.

I will post information on activties and opening times once they are confirmed.


 Interested in crafts workshops?  

Want to learn more about design?  

Looking for a free place to meet? 

Willing to photograph your tea breaks – and your friends or colleagues – and have your work on display!

 Interested in this happening on your local high street? 

Then join us at INHABIT: PERRY BARR for tea and cake.   

Inhabit: Perry Barr is all about visiting your local high street for tea, chat, workshops and new skills.  It’s a place to get together, learn more about the local area, the people that live here, the changes we’d like to make and the things we like.   

We’ll be popping up in the first week of November but hurry we won’t be there long, so arrange to visit us soon!   

We’ll be at 27 Grove Lane (The Harriet Tubman Bookshop)  

Want to take part? 

Tell us more!  Who you are, when’s a good time for you to visit, how many people you’d like to bring.   

We’re happy to have information by email, phone or on paper: so email, mobile 07825 321687 or send an RSVP to us at Hybrid, 504 Islington Gate, 4 Fleet Street, Birmingham, B3 1JH


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