Regent Rd alleyways in need of some TLC

On Monday following various issues raised by local resident members of the Handsworth Safe, Clean & Green Group which included Deb Parsons (Environmental Warden), Tracey Thorne (Neighbourhood Manager), Michael Wood (Midland Heart) and two PCSOs from East Handsworth Team went on a walkabout to take a look at some of the sites of Rookery Rd.

We visited two alleyways off Rookery Rd and found a lot of dumped rubbish, overgrown shrubs & weeds as well as evidence of street drinking. These alleyways have not been cleaned for sometime and were desperately in need of a clearance. Some of them back on to shops which is a concern when they are selling food as build of this kind of rubbish and overgrown shrubs will be perfect place for rats.

Clean up of alleyways is the responsibility of local residents Birmingham City Council offer fortnightly green waste collection and FREE bulk waste collection 0121 303 1112.

We really need local residents support to keep areas like this clean if you see someone dumping call 0121 303 1112

To report dangerous trees call 0121 464 8728

We have a team of Future Job Fund Trainees now working in Handsworth who have on this occasion been able to help clean this area up and will removal all the waste. This is fantastic service but please help us to help you use the services above.

Future dumping and littering could lead to enforcement action being taken 

Regent Rd, Handsworth


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    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment I have given details to report any trees that have become overgrown and that residents may feel are dangerous. Hope that helps Tracey Thorne

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